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Scriptkitties is an online community of people who share a passion for free software discussion and development. Our main platform is on IRC, but we also sport a mailing list.


Our community is in #scriptkitties on the DareNET IRC network. You are strongly advised to use an SSL enabled port to connect to the network.

We use this IRC channel for our main means of communication. This means that its not always too serious. It is also far from politically correct, so it is not advised to join if you are afraid of having your feelings hurt.

Mailing list

For our mailing list we make use of Tyil's email network. The ML information, and the option to subscribe to it, are available at his Mailman interface.

The mailing list is the place to get important notifications, and more serious discussion on the projects we work on.


All our project are completely free as per the free software definition. The sources of all projects can be found on the DareNET GitLab instance.